Insulate civil service to block gov’t interference, illegal political appointments – CLOGSAG

The Civil and Local Government Staff Association Ghana (CLOGSAG), has accused government of intimidation, illegal appointments into the civil and local government service and thereby interfering in their operations.

The Association is particularly worried about the tinkering with institutional arrangements in the Civil and Local Government Services without recourse to their respective Governing Councils

Speaking at the 5th Nathan Quao Lecture in Accra, on Thursday, 29 September 2022, on the theme: “Abuse of Political Power in Ghana Civil Service; The Bane of National Development” Executive Secretary, Dr Isaac Bampoe raised concern about the wanton abuse over the past years through the creation of parallel Institutions staffed with party apparatchiks to rival the Civil and public servants in the implementation of policies and programmes.

He bemoaned the delay in a case they filed at the Supreme Court five years ago, to block governments action.

‘The case has never been called’ – he lamented as he described the recruitment of party members as consultants to perform routine Civil Service functions and paying them higher unearned salaries, as complete wastage and the reason for ghost names on government pay roll.

“Hindsight evidence reveals that the so called “ghost names” that cannot be identified in the Civil Service payroll have turned out to be Personal Assistants of Ministers; ;Politicians have not helped matters in our governance process in adhering and complying with the tenet of the Civil Service principles” – Dr Bampoe Addo emphasized.

It will be recalled that as far back as 2018, CLOGSAG threatened strike in protest against the Finance Ministry for hiring over 30 special assistants.

CLOGSAG at the time alleged that in most cases, these special assistants are awarded scholarships/training programmes and attachments meant for a Ministry to study abroad at the disadvantage of serving officers in the Civil Service.


Touching on the way forward, Mr Bampoe suggested that politicians must desist and resist the temptation of creating avenues of employment for their teeming supporters to avoid unnecessary duplications of efforts and wanton dissipation of scarce government resources.
He further suggested that the service be insulated from direct political interference and machinations.



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