Islamic numerologist who predicted NPP’s 2016 victory says Mahama will win 2020 polls

A popular Islamic numerologist, Mallam Sham Una,  has predicted  former President John Mahama will win the 2020 presidential elections.

Mallam Una, who congratulated president Akufo-Addo six months ahead of the 2016 Presidential elections and revealed he would win convincingly, posted on his Fcaebook page that the NDC will win the elections but hinted there will be a possible injunction on the elections.

“From the bottom of my spiritual financial accounts, to the pinnacle, John Mahama and NDC will win the elections,”  Mallam Una who also predicted the Malaysian plane disaster stated in his Facebook post.

On the injunction that could  be placed on the election results, he said “I might update you on the regions that would be victims of the injunction, with the passage of time as part of my spiritual exhibition.”


Read his statement below;


The digital Islamic spiritual hacker of the 21st century who is accredited with his excellent predictions and prophesies in all spheres of life on both local and international channels

And who in the last presidential and parliamentary elections of Ghana in 2016 congratulated the incumbent president Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo six months before the elections and also accurately predicted the attire that he will wear and also the colour of the attire in his swearing in ceremony which came to pass. Not forgetting his spiritual demonstration on the missing Malaysia Airline which was also on track, foresee that there is going to be a supreme court injunction on the upcoming presidential results at the time of collation while the elections is on going as happen in the immediate past American election between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

However, a questioner would ask, which among the parties both major and minor would put an injunction on the results? Time would tell the answer. Better still another questioner would ask am I referring to the election petition as happened in 2012 between the incumbent President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and John Dramani Mahama? I still refer you to time for one spiritual and political reasons or the other.

I might update you on the regions that would be victims of the injunction, with the passage of time as part of my spiritual exhibition.

Finally, as to whether the highest court of the land would give the injunction a listening ear or not is another point for discussion. Once again from the bottom of my spiritual financial accounts to the pinnacle, John Mahama and the NDC will win the elections. I call on each and everyone to pray for mother Ghana for a peaceful, transparent and credible elections. May the Almighty Allah have mercy on our beloved country and citizens. The details are in the hands of our creator.

N.B: Let us unanimously be on the neck and arms of the two major political parties and most especially the electoral commission as an institution for peace to prevail.

Also let us talk to our security apparatus both in our houses, offices and on social media platforms to see themselves as themselves. But not to see themselves for any political paymaster no matter the political geography, they are still for the state and for the people.

The media, macho men and land guards are no exception. The country is Ghana that is why we are Ghanaians. We can only continue to be Ghanaians if only there is Ghana. Let us pray to the one and only digit security apparatus (God).

Let us petition the politicians and electoral commission to God as Ghanaians regardless of our political uniform for peaceful and transparent elections.
I am not making noise for repeating this for the seventh time, I know what I am saying and seeing. If you care to know, I did not make this noise in 2016, but why 2020?


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