Israel Carries Out Airstrikes After Balloon Attacks From Militants

Following two weeks of relative calm, the Israeli Defense Forces struck the Gaza Strip late Thursday night after militants in the territory reportedly launched incendiary balloons into Israel, as tensions linger despite a ceasefire between Israel and the militant group Hamas.

The IDF carried out an airstrike late Thursday night on what it described as a Hamas weapons factory and research facility, the military confirmed in a tweet.

The target was located near Gaza City, the capital and most densely populated part of the Gaza Strip, Al Jazeera and BBC reporters said.

The IDF says it struck Gaza because militants launched explosive balloons into southern Israel, starting four small fires according to the Times of Israel.

The IDF carried out a similar mission two weeks ago, striking multiple targets within the Gaza Strip over the course of several days because of incendiary balloons.

Will the ceasefire hold? Israel and Hamas signed a ceasefire deal in May, ending 11 days of heavy fighting. The uneasy truce survived the airstrikes two weeks ago, but ceasefires between Israel and Gaza-based militants have frequently unraveled in the past.

Source: News Agencies

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