Israel- Palestine Conflict political – Palestine Ambassador

Ambassador for the State of Palestine to Ghana, H. E. Abdalfatah Ahmed Khalil Alsattari, has expressed worry about the reoccurring misunderstanding between Palestine and Israel.

The 11 days of fighting killed more than 250 people, most of whom were in Gaza, reports the BBC.

Both Israel and Hamas claimed victory in the conflict but Alsattari says the recent conflict has nothing to do with religion but political and the continuous encroachment and occupational agenda by Israel against Palestinians.

“The conflict is not a (SIC) region conflict, the fight between Palestine and the Jews not because this is Muslim and this is Jews. This is political conflict. And this has been in existence since 1940.” He said.

Speaking to XYZ reporter Princess Arita Anim, Mr. Alsattari said the current attack on Palestine last two weeks led to the killing of 37 women and  67 children.

A mother and son embrace in their ruined home in Beit Hanoun, Gaza

“15 families were also killed with their fathers and children. Among the people who lost their lives were Nurses, Doctors, students and other works.”

He said,  “During an election which was organized for a new Parliament by Mr. Mahmoud Abbas, the President for the State of Palestine, Israel refused to permit all Palestinians in that jurisdiction to vote.”

He further revealed that there was an attempt to close the Al – Aqsa Mosque during this year’s Ramadan which led to human violation.

However, he called for unity among the two countries and was hopeful the conflict will end.



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