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‘It’s okay for men to cheat not women’ – Papi of 5Five claims

Papi of 5Five fame has asserted, it’s okay for men to cheat in marriages but the same cannot be said for women.

According to Papi, King Solomon as an example of a man who had several wives and concubines yet, was blessed by God.

“Eating one thing can kill you, if we have married you, stay home so that your husband can play around. In the bible, women did not cheat so it’s not right for women to cheat”, he said. 

“But Solomon who was hearing the voice of God married several women and kept several concubines so how much more of us who are not even closer to God? We will have to beat him to his game,” he said.

He, however, affirmed that women are supposed to remain loyal to their partners because there is nowhere in the bible that states that a married woman had several concubines.

By Afia Owusu/|Ghana

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