It’s time to get scientists and engineers in Gov’t- Dr Brown Klutse advocates

A Senior Lecturer at the Department of Physics at the University of Ghana (Legon), Dr Nana Ama Brown Klutse has urged the leadership of the country to make available positions in government for engineers and scientists.

She said the to help improve space science that is nothing good to write home about in the country, the government and future governments must provide space for scientists to be closer to the highest decision-making table.

Dr Brown Klutse made this known in an interview with Kwame Minkah on XYZ Tonight Monday as she lamented the neglect of critical areas in science.

“We need scientists and engineers in government. If I find my way in government, whatever means possible, space science will develop in the country,” she said.

She explained prioritizing space science and technology by the government could help solve many challenges in the country including cutting cost of mobile to mobile communication and fighting crime.

Apart from space technology aiding GPS in the country, Dr Brown Klutse said “you can be out there in the space with two satelights and be able to monitor galamsey [illegal mining] sites and illegal lumber and controlling encroaching of lands.”

“People are not appreciating; the government is not appreciating; the government is not accepting that investing in space science will translate into development of every other field,” she added.

She said the US has invested 48 billion dollars into space science to help solve a lot of societal challenges confronting citizens.

“There is something special about space science technology that is why they [the US] are investing so much into it,” she noted and asked: “Why is Ghana delaying in space science?”

She disclosed how the government spends huge sums of dollars to buy “raw data from the whites” for all the ministries.

“The same raw data, everyone is buying instead of buying the same data and putting it at one point so all government agencies can use it but we waste much money buying same data like an ariel shot of the country,” she added.



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