I’ve received only Ghs800 from GHAMRO since Ebony died

The late Ebony Reigns’ father, Starboy Kwarteng has revealed that he’s only received only Ghs 800 as royalties since Ebony died.

According to Mr Kwarteng, ever since his daughter died, it’s just last month that, he started receiving messages from GHAMRO.

You know what since Ohemaa died just last month, late last month there about or middle last month,  there was this guy who used to send messages and all that I think one of the executives then he sent me a message he used to do that so I questioned him you used to send message when did you realize that I’m part of Ghamro cos I haven’t had a dime .. Yh just last month so I said I said he should do well to lemme know why”, he said.

In an interview on XZONE show with Jay Kojo Daasebre and Afia Owusu Coke, Starboy bemoaned how he’s received just 800 cedis from Ghamro as royalties ever since Ebony died.

Nevertheless, he received the money two weeks ago.

“…then the next time I think two weeks or there about there was this 800 that is Nana Hemaa’s portion I didn’t know even which of the monies was that. But it was 800 since Ohemaa died I’ve had just 800” he added

Watch the video below; 


By Afia Owusu/|Ghana

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