Journalist defines ‘sex for jobs’ as barter trade

Professional makeup artiste and journalist, Gifty Afeku, has defined ‘sex for jobs’ in simple terms as a form of barter trade.

During an interview on eTV Ghana’s ‘Girl Vibes’ on the topic ‘Sex for jobs; a young lady’s dilemma,’ she explained that although it is not a good thing, it has become the constant trade material that women are expected to give, in exchange for jobs at many workplaces.

According to her, this is not only found at workplaces but extends to our schools as well and proof of this is the recent ‘sex for grades’ exposé which became the talk of the town.

Per her observation, the reason why most women find themselves in this situation is that they are weak.

“Sometimes, we the ladies are weak because we just want to make it so if you ask me to give you sex before giving me a job or good grades, I’ll do it because I wouldn’t want to fail and be repeated or sacked from school and I wouldn’t want to keep being jobless,” she explained the ordeal as it happens with most women.

Gifty admitted that sometimes, the appearance of the lady is what motivates or pushes the employer or teacher to demand sex first.

She mentioned that if a lady appears for an interview or goes to class in short and enticing clothes, she appears ‘cheap’, hence it is easier to approach her with such requests.

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