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Just In: NPP presents evidence of how they won the elections

The New Patriotic Party has provided a detailed account of how it won the 2020 elections, as the nation awaits the National Democratic Congress to present proof to support its allegations of manipulated and rigged elections against the Electoral Commissions.

The New Patriotic Party’s Campaign Manager, Peter Mac Manu, and the party’s IT manager, Joe Anokye, presented detailed information of how they monitored the elections on Tuesday, December 15, 2020, edition of Metro TV’s Good Evening Ghana program.

The two NPP figures showing evidence of pink sheets and other valuable resources to protect their position as the 2020 presidential election winners, took turns.

Joe Anokye explained extensively how the party obtained results from polling stations, collation centers and accredited regional results during the presentation that lasted for more than one hour.

In its breakdown of the numbers, Joe Anokye explained why it is unlikely for the party to pad figures as claimed by the NDC.

He concluded by encouraging the country’s political parties to invest in its IT department.

I hope that for the sake of democracy in Ghana, all political parties will invest in technology to encourage transparency and also to ensure that we all see the same numbers at the end of the day. It’s good for democracy, I guess.’

Peter Mac Manu reacted to claims made by the NDC against the NPP and also provided insight into how the group managed to bring the figures together.

He revealed that President Akufo-Addo led before they finished collating and arrived at the percentage they reported right from when the results began trickling in.

He also revealed that Nana Akufo-Addo was in contact with them and briefed him on the results regularly.

The NPP won the election, Mac Manu said, and is ready to defend it in the Supreme Court. “The fact that Nana Addo won the presidential election is not in doubt. No issue’ said Mac Manu on the Good Evening Ghana program for Metro TV.

Then Paul Adom-Otchere asked, “so you are prepared to face any cross-examination in the Supreme Court“?

In the affirmative, Mac Manu nodded and said very good because it was a firm win and there is no doubt about it.”

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