Kasoa: 40 year old man defiles Kg2 pupil

A man believed to be in his 40’s has defiled a Kindergarten 2 pupil in Kasoa in the Awutu Senya East Municipality of the Central Region.

Narrating the incident, the 13 year old  mentally challenged victim said the man asked her to escort him to go get some herbs from the bush.

“He asked me to go and escort him to grab some herbs then he raped me, he inserted his man hood in my private part he leaned me against the wall.

A neighbor who watched “My Lawyer My Counselor” show on TV XYZ reached out to the host Daakyehene Ofosu Agyeman, who also delegated a reporter to follow up.

During the follow up the victim told Tv XYZ reporter Alex Donkor that; 

“He run away after and I’ve been feeling pains. Plus he never gave me the money he promised, I want him to arrested”

Speaking about herself the victim said she’s 13years and a kindergarten 2 pupil.

Meanwhile, mother of the victim has revealed on that faithful she wasn’t well so has to go see a doctor. She got back and her daughter informed her on what happened.

“I went to the hospital on that faithful day because i wasn’t well so when I got back then my daughter informed me that she’s been defiled, According to her daughter the man told her he was going to give her money and also buy her some  relief items after asked her to escort him to go get some herbs , so when the child followed him then he leaned her against the wall and defiled”, she said.

Making sure her daughter is not pregnant the mother said;

“So when I got home I asked the child’s side of the story and asked if she felt pains, then asked if he ejaculated in her then she said yeah but he cleaned it with his shirt I didn’t hesitate then I went to the police station then they asked me to take the child to the hospital for a doctors report which I did and they confirmed that indeed she’s been defiled after I took the report to the police station as I speak the issue is in the hands of the police, kasoa DOVVSU .

Nevertheless, the mother disclosed that the police are demanding for money and are not following up on the case.

“They asked me to try my best and look for the man for them to arrest him I also do not know where the man is so a friend of his which I know which I informed the police for his arrest but when they came they couldn’t arrest the man they are demanding for me, I also do not have” she stressed.


By Afia Owusu/|Ghana


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