Kasoa: Baby found dead in a box

A toddler believed to have been abandoned by the mother has been found in a box dead at Kasoa Walantu in the Central Region.

Nana Akwasi Agyemang,  an eyewitness disclosed that the yet-to-be-identified mother probably dumped the helpless baby behind his building.

He told a local reporter that he first saw the box lying there about three days ago but nothing pushed him to check the content of the box until Tuesday evening when he opened it only to see the motionless body of the baby almost decomposing.

Agyemang said he then called residents around to come and witness the unfortunate incident.

They subsequently lodged a complaint to the Kasoa Police for further investigation.

The body has since been buried by the Kasoa police and the NADMO officials.

Meanwhile, the Police are on a search for the supposed mother of the baby.



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