Killer taxes of Government killing Ghanaians

A writer and political researcher Prince Derek Adjie have said the government’s decision to increase taxes has worsened the plight of businesses and the perpetual suffering of Ghanaians.

Mr. Prince speaking on TV XYZ Morning update made it clearer that, the economy of Ghana is in total shambles with the increment of new taxes which has resulted in higher inflation, falling of the cedi, increases in fuel prices and transport Fares thus contributing to the serious hardships we are experiencing in the country now under the watch of the NPP government that promised Not to impose any taxes on the ordinary Ghanaians.

He said the Akuffo Addo government should not burden the already suffering masses with the introduction of killer taxes but instead design a program to address the serious concerns facing the country like bad roads, the problem of the free senior high school education, and the ripping effect of the galamsey in the country which is ruining our water bodies.

Mr. Prince detailed that, the government’s decision to compound the suffering Ghanaians by the introduction of nuisance taxes after preaching the gospel of the ejection of supposed taxes is a clear indication that the government has totally failed and lied to Ghanaians. He said the government who said borrowing is a lazy man approach in steering the affairs of the country has borrowed more than any government since Kwame Nkrumah’s political epoch but has done absolutely nothing with the billions of dollars borrowed but rather imposed more taxes on Ghanaians which has eroded their already dwindling disposal income.


source: Lawrence

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