Kufuor charges youth to harness skills to tackle Africa’s challenges

Former President John Agyekum Kufuor has admonished the youth not to shy away and contemplate African problems from other societies’ comfort, where they enjoy social benefits lacking at home.

He said the youth must be encouraged to apply whatever skill and experience they have gathered to seek solutions to Africa’s transformation challenges.

He reiterated his belief in democracy to ensure inclusive governance, guarantee the regard for human rights, and ensure development continuity, especially where the right leaders are selected.

Speaking during a conversation on the Toyin Falola Interviews on the 29th January which allows the participation of youth in Africa to ask questions, Kufuor said “Democracy might assume some Western orientations and conceptualization.”

He continued, “Still, its fundamental principle of broad consultation in decision making has long been part of the African indigenous social decision-making process. Hence, democracy should not be perceived as being foreign/alien and unrepresentative of African realities given its imperfections.”

To him, democracy “holds enormous development opportunities, given its practices are fine-tuned over time with practice.”

The former Ghana leader therefore asked that the youths remain committed to the African project and contribute by taking an active part in politics and other state decision making avenues.

For a legacy, Kufuor noted the strides he made in the education sector, which he believes would provide the springboard for Africa’s development by improving its human capital quality.

He further explained ignorance and poor leadership have always been a bane to social cohesion and economic development in Africa, where an educated population would not be saddled by such encumbrances and added, thus, it can focus its efforts on the nation-building and development project.

Arita Globe Foundation

The Executive Director of the AritaGlobe foundation, Princess Arita Anim, who participated in the discussion expressed excitement over the call by the former President.

She believes Kufuor’s call is imperative and said the youth acrossAfrica would be better people if they take responsibility for the challenges and turn them into opportunities for the betterment of the continent.

“Personally, my foundation’s next humanitarian project is a Skill for Survival Initiative #S4S2021 which seeks to help youth in under developed communities in Ghana and accross Africa to develop a skill for their survival as well as the transformation of the continent.” she disclosed in an interview with



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