Kwaku Gyasi’s wife is a bad influence – Music producer Mensah Sarpong

Gospel music producer John Mensah Sarpong has revealed that celebrated Gospel musician Kwaku Gyasi’s wife is a bad on influence on his husband.

In an interview on legends show on tvxyz the legendary producer said before Kwaku Gyasi got married he used to agree to whatever he tells him but immediately he got married things changed.

“Gyasi doesn’t have a problem I like him but I will blame the lady he married, because after getting married he changed .. Earlier whatever I tell him he does them but not cos I wanted to cheat him or whatsoever but there are some good stuff I tell him that he’s supposed to agree to but his wife won’t allow him to agree to it on time.
”when he wasn’t married I did a song for him called “ayeye” and Areeba came for that song they gave me 10 million that time that’s 1,000 cedis now , when they gave me that amount of money Kwaku Gyasi knew nothing about it but because I was working with him I gave the boys 100 cedis which was left with 900 cedis and gave Kwaku Gyasi 400 and I took 500 … when we released “Nyame aseda” that time Areeba had changed to MTN and they signed him as a brand ambassador. I don’t know how much they gave him anyways but rumor has it that they gave him 400 million, I don’t know much about that contract but he gave me nothing out of that money.

Onetime I was in Canada and his wife came saying Kwaku Gyasi has a song which is very nice and I told her where we are now we can’t talk about it so we should meet in my house … I got home one night and she came over with  some elders which they brought Kwaku Gyasi song , so I told her I’m not ready to produce a song now because of how bad  she and her husband treated me, I told her all of it then she said daa, the money Kwaku said he was going to give you but he heard something about you that got to him … so I told her you know this work people talk a lot , because  people equally say stuff about him to me .. I never believed them because I know he’s  a gentleman.


Speaking on how he met him, Mr Sarpong said;

“I decided to just focus on Gospel that’s when Kwaku Gyasi came in the picture .

I have friend who’s an elder called Akrofo he came to me and said hey Johnny come here come here as if he’s playing and he said if I don’t produce Gyasi anytime I’m in the bedroom with my wife he’s going to come in.. as if that was a joke truly He badged in when I was in the room with my wife .. then I said okay what song does he have,  bring it let me see then he brought the song “Ayeye” and I said it’s not bad so it shouldn’t be taken to a studio .. I don’t know how i do it , cos I’ve not been to a music class before but if your song lacks commercial value I’m able to tell but if I say it will be a hit definitely it will be … so I coached him on what to do then after 10 days he brought the song then we started making a video for the song then the song become a hit …

Second album I told him, I’ve realized he’s good and a powerful singer so I will shape him so I made them write ‘’ onyame waseda yebebre” for him , Nana Boateng wrote that song which I payed then I called Kwaku Gyasi to come and sing the song. This song also became a hit”


By Afia Owusu/|Ghana

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