Lawyers studying wrong facts of my gun incident – ‘disappointed’ Gemann reveals

Renowned former global dancer and Hi-Life star, Nana Akwasi Agyemang, popularly known as Gemann who was convicted of first-degree felony and sentenced to death by hanging on May 15, 1996 has disclosed that his case was twisted by journalists.

Giving a chilling account of how he ended up in prison for 14 years, Gemann, now a preacher man in New York told Agyemang Prempeh (Agyengo), host of Legends on TV XYZ, that the narrative about how he killed a taxi driver in the public domain is wrong.



The taxi driver whom he shot accidentally at Dome on that fateful day had brought a guest to him at his Dome residence had a confrontation with him over a lorry fare.

Gemann who believes the 4,000 cedis (Now GHS 4.00) the taxi driver charged his guest was outrageous and offered him 3,000 cedis (now GHS3.00) but he angrily rejected the amount and left without provocation.

“At the time, even taxi drivers who roamed with you for an hour charged 2,000 cedis (now GHS 2.00) so I thought that was huge,” he recounted “but the taxi driver later returned to my house and drew a line in the sand while chanting some words and fetched a portion of the sand and began to move out.”


“I did not notice he was the one until he started hurling insults so before I came out, I took a pistol to protect myself,” Gemann told Agyemang.

As fate would have it, he was followed by a friend and her ex-girlfriend to see the guy and settle the matter but the young lad would not have any of it.

It was agreed that they return to Geeman’s residence so he pours back the sand he had fetched for the matter to be settled but he became violent, said Gemann who admits that he got angry by the insults from the driver and fired a warning shot.

Known in the 80s as Ghana’s Michael Jackson, the Hi-Life star through an altercation “accidentally fired” into the head of the taxi driver whom he said had turned back at him violently.

“He died instantly,” he recounted ” So I drove to the Tesano Police station to report the issue.”

He was detained when he reported the matter, beginning months of a trial that would end him up at the Nsawam Maximum Security Prisons.

He was to die by hanging but was pardoned fourteen years after the family of the victim petitioned the then President J.A Kufuor to pardon him.

He said God allowed that to happen so he could reach out to prisoners and share the word of God with them but is disappointed in the media for misrepresenting the facts of the matter.

“Nobody understood the facts of the matter except God whom I turned the very day I was arrested,” he added.

Gemann now the head pastor of the New York-based New Life Christian Love Fellowship also disclosed that “the lawyer who represented me legally did not understand the matter he was defending…Actions and reactions are two separate things.”

To him, student lawyers using the facts being presented by the police in school is worrying because those are not the true facts.

“In court, when the prosecutor was asked what was the distance between where the taxi driver parked his car and the crime scene, they could not provide an answer,” he said to buttress his argument.

He, therefore, indicated that he has authored a yet-to-be-published book on his ordeal titled ‘From Fame to Shame. . . Untold story of the shocking journey from pop stardom to the devil’.

According to Gemann, the book he is currently promoting has all the facts of the matter plus his personal life style.


By Henryson Okrah||Ghana


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