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LEAK: NPP whatsapp group chat leaked; shows EC rigged 2020 elections for Akufo-Addo

[12/8, 20:06] +233243075135: The presidential seats we claim we have won do you know Mahama won over 600000 votes

[12/8, 20:07]+233243075135: How can we use 700 million dollars and lose this election, I learned we paid a lot of TV and radio station to give fake results.

[12/8, 20:07] +233243075135: Our leaders are liars and criminals.
I am very pissed off because all this money can help the youth.

[12/8, 20:09] +233243075135: Apart from our tv channels and radio stations All tv stations and radio channels will be giving us our figures and percentage points we paid for, yet still can’t jubilate. All because I know we rig the election.

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