Legal aid department in Ghana needs lawyers – Lawyer Ita Tetteh to government

Legal aid lawyer Ita Tetteh has asserted that , the department needs more lawyers to contribute to their job.

In an interview on “my lawyer my counselor” show hosted by Daakyehene, the lawyer revealed that legal aid lawyers in Ghana are not more than 30.

According to Ita, the last time they recruited was two years ago and before then it happened 5 years ago.

Nevertheless she believes people will be willing to join the department if the government is willing to recruit, since the only means of joining the firm is through the government.

“Legal aid lawyers won’t be more than 30 I’m sure if we say we are recruiting we will get people to come and work but is the government that appoints .. so if the government is ready then they give way for people to apply”; she said 

”2years ago is when they recruited before that it was done 5 years ago so is upto the government” she added 

Speaking on their source of income she said it comes from the government and other NGOs so they are keen on the strength of their employees.

“Aside the government which supports,  mostly are from NGOs  donations, so they watch their strength” she concluded .

Legal aid is the provision of assistance to people who are unable to afford legal representation and access to the court system.

Legal aid is regarded as central in providing access to justice by ensuring equality before the law, the right to counsel and the right to a fair trial.



By Afia Owusu/|Ghana

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