Logan Paul insists he would knock Floyd Mayweather in a rematch

Logan Paul has remarkably claimed that he would knock Floyd Mayweather out if they ever have a rematch.

The YouTuber survived the full eight rounds of his bout with the 50-0 boxing legend last month and, as it was an exhibition, neither of them were officially declared the winner. But Logan has now said he’d be very confident if they were to meet again in a fully sanctioned fight.

When asked about the possibility of his brother Jake Paul facing Mayweather, Logan told reporters: “I don’t know, maybe, that’d be exciting.

“Let me ask you what you’d rather see – Jake Paul vs Floyd or me vs Floyd again?

“Because, let me tell you something, if I fight Floyd again, I promise I’ll knock him out.

“I’ve got him figured out. I got it.

“At the end of the eighth round he was breathing heavy, I was coming alive. “It’s gonna be a 10/12-round fight if we run it back, and this time I finish him.”

Unfortunately for Logan though, Mayweather has appeared to suggest that he will not be returning for any more contests of this nature.

Regarding whether there have been any serious talks to making the rematch a reality, Logan concluded: “No, nothing’s happened, this is all just hypothetical bulls***.

“Hey Floyd, thanks for the opportunity, would love to run it back some time if you’re up for it champ?” In their exhibition, the punch stats gave an indication of who’d actually come out on top.

In total Floyd landed 43/107 punches (40 per cent).

While in total Logan landed 28/217 punches (13 per cent).



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