Majid Michel arrested, interrogated for ‘talking drugs’ on radio

Popular Ghanaian actor cum preacher, Majid Michel, has disclosed that he was arrested and interrogated by the Ghana Narcotics Commission after reports went viral that he was once involved with drugs.

It can be recalled that Majid Michel in an interview with Asaase radio called on government to legalize weed and also established that he sees nothing wrong with it.

He also boldly recounted instances where he did drugs.

“I’ve never heard of anybody who has overdosed on weed … I’ve done things out of weed. I’ve done cocaine. LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) …I’ve done other drugs that if I told you right now, you’ll not be able to pronounce. These were years back … and I didn’t struggle to overcome it. Maybe because of the smoke…maybe that’s why health-wise to smoke it’s not the best but to brew it, to drink it; I don’t see anything wrong with it. You drink teas, don’t you?”

“I am for it completely but then again before anything is legalized, the government must make sure that they are ready to take responsibility and must exhaust the consequences that come with the legalization of ‘weed’ before a decision is made. Before the government decides to pass a law for the legalization of weed then they must make sure that they have exhausted all possible avenues … by learning from countries who have done it. if the government is not ready to take responsibility for the consequences [for legalizing ‘weed’] then it shouldn’t take that decision,” he earlier asserted.

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