Man arrested for assaulting wife hours after wedding

A British man has been arrested by police on suspicion of assaulting his wife just hours after they got married during a holiday in Majorca.

The unnamed groom is alleged to have hit his bride at their wedding party after having too much to drink.

The incident happened on Friday at an unidentified venue in the tourist town of Peguera in the municipality of Calvia the same day they tied the knot nearby.

Local reports say police were called just before 9pm after the Brit ‘got violent’ as he celebrated on the couple’s big day.

Island newspaper Ultima Hora said officers had to restrain him before arresting him after being informed he had assaulted the bride.

The woman is said to have left the venue and returned later, unaware he had been taken into police custody, to look for him.

Civil Guard officers took charge of the case after the arrest by local police.




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