Manasseh Azure fires Akufo-Addo

if you are doing 'Di bi na mi ndi bi' let others do 'ka bi na mi nka bi'

Manasseh Azure Awuni, a renowned investigative journalist, has described President Akufo-regime Addo’s as one that deliberately battles against people who are truly involved in fighting corruption.

In response to the question of whether the resignation of Mr. Martin Amidu as Special Prosecutor and the change relating to the former Attorney General might have influenced the ruling government in the elections of 7 December, Mr. Azure made that statement.

According to the award-winning journalist, the focus should not be on how the resignation of Amidu could affect the chances of the New Patriotic Party winning the December 7 elections, but on how the battle against corruption under this regime has become difficult.

“But my concern goes beyond the election; some foreign ambassadors said last year that the war against corruption is being fought in this country and that there is a problem.”

In the battle against corruption, Mahama was awful, but in his era, there was freedom to fight. Now the Auditor General is gone because he dared to touch Osafo-Maafo, Martin Amidu is gone because he dared to touch Agyapa, and if we could be honest to ourselves, those of us who are journalists, it has not been easy for the past four years.

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