Manasseh Azure reveals very ‘scary’ details about Osafo Maafo, Domelevo ‘fight’

Manasseh Azure Awuni, Ace investigative journalist, said the case involving Auditor-General Yaw Domelevo and Senior Minister Yaw Osafo Maafo is more ‘frightening’ than he had originally thought.

It can be noted that Osafo Maafo sued Yaw Domelevo for surcharging him in 2017 over the $1 million paid to Kroll Associates.

The choice of Domelevo to contact Osafo Maafo is seen to be what ended up in the system of the President for him to go on leave.

Manasseh disclosed that the Chairman of the Board of the Audit Service, Professor Edward Duah Agyemang, was Osafo Maafo’s lawyer in the Osafo Maafo versus Auditor General case, giving subtleties to the debate on his Facebook page.

Manasseh claims that educator Edward Duah Agyemang likewise heads up the load stated by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to constrain Domelevo to go on leave.

The Auditor-issue General’s is more terrible than I expected after absolutely understanding reports, court judgment, and judgments. Nauseating!”After altogether understanding reports, court judgment, and decisions, the Auditor-issue General’s is more awful than I suspected. Nauseating!”Nauseating!

The public authority has stated that the Board of the Audit Service has proposed the decision to force the Auditor-General to resign.

In the case of Kroll Associates, including the Auditor-General and Osafo-Maafo, the Chairman of the Board of the Audit Service, Prof. Edward Duah Agyeman, talked to Yaw Osafo-Maafo.

“Furthermore the Auditor-General was required to take orders from Board Chairman who was speaking to his rival in the court case.”

“Let that dramatization hit home.”

In addition, Manasseh took up problems with the Supreme Court with some ends it raised on the defense.

Manasseh claimed that the Supreme Court refused to decide to review the matter referred to it by the High Court and passed an alternative decision.

“The basic inquiry should, in any event, go to the Supreme Court. The High Court demanded that the Supreme Court ruling on whether “classified and biased to public security’. That was the main explanation the case alluded to the Supreme Court.” were the reports Osafo-Maafo held from the Auditor-General. That was the main explanation referred to by the Supreme Court in the case.

“So for what reason did the Supreme Court neglect to decide on that, however, all things considered, requested the Auditor-General to review inside 10 days? Recall the Auditor General had contended in the High Court that the Audit had just been finished and during the hour of the audit if the proof was really accessible, the Senior Minister and Finance Ministry would have made it accessible.”

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