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Martin Amidu predicts who wins 2020 Elections

Martin Amidu Predicts Who is going to Wins The 2020 General Election

Former special counsel Martin Amidu has published a 27 – page reply to the Presidency’s 9 – page response to his resignation. Martin Amidu resigned as Special Prosecutor on Monday, November 16, 2020, and cataloged a variety of reasons for his decision during a letter he wrote to President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo – Addo. The President, through his Secretary Nana Asante Bediatuo, also responded.

Amidu, who has sworn to speak out in case the president does not bring what he calls his “attack dogs” to order, during a reply on November 26, 2020, tried to claim his responsibility.

He addressed the president’s response saying:

” I read with the greatest surprise in the media on the night of November 17, 2020, your letter with reference number OPS126 / 20/2362 dated November 17, 2020, on the above material that was addressed to me personally in my capacity as a citizen of Ghana after I wrote to HE the President in my official capacity and then after the Special Prosecutor resigned by the law.

The letter that the President ordered and directed him to write to me personally was delivered to me at my residence at 7 am on the morning of November 18, 2020.

A variety of introductory falsehoods, public hoaxes, and deceptive propaganda are manifested in the letter from the president to personally, which require discrediting as preliminary matters during this response of mine to the president before addressing the opposing issues that the president intended to assassinate my character by simply exposing the nature of the truth of the transactions of Agyapa Royalties Limited in my Anti – Corruption Professional Assessment Report ”.

Also, he made certain points emphasizing that if the president and you had found time to read the full anti-corruption evaluation report of the Agyapa Royalty Transaction, they would not have relied on the conclusions and observations, like lazy lawyers counting on the facts and are maintained during a published a report of the law when making false and frivolous assassination attacks on my integrity to obtain a reasonable political score.

I shudder to consider the impression that is being created in the national and international community that this beloved country of ours, Ghana, is now running on autopilot.

However, among the various things that Amidu recounted in his reply, his apparent admission of the victory of President Nana Akufo – Addo during the December elections seems to have not escaped the lenses of political analysts.

In recounting what pushed him out of office, Mr. Amidu warned the president to remain true to his commitment to fighting corruption, but within the fad, to which he made his point, it is what some Ghanaians have deduced by answering that President Akufo – Addo is elected for an additional term. Interestingly, the “endorsement” was made on one occasion in his last epistle.

He said; Mr. President, the politically induced witch hunt audit you ordered in the Office of the Special Prosecutor on Monday, November 23, 2020, after I accepted my resignation only for my professional work on the anti-corruption assessment report of the limited transaction Agyapa Royalties, allegedly infested with corruption. you never intimidate me.

“You may find yourself in validating the effectiveness of the Office in the performance of its statutory functions and undermining your acclaimed vision of the fight against corruption during your second term in office. Remember my words, Mr. President!”

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