Mask Up All The Time- Ghana Tug Of War Association Tells Sports Personalities

The Ghana Tug of War Association on 19 February, 2021 joined other nations to observe the International Tug of War Day.

Mr. Emmanuel Olla Williams, the President of GHATOWA said the day is special for the greatest sport which involves 100% commitment and absolute effective teamwork as a prerequisite for winning.

“It compares well with businesses and that is how we must live our lifes on earth. We should work hard and support each other to triumph at this hard time of COVID-19 ” he said.

He advised people, especially sportsmen and women to readjust, reunion and work on the culture that opens opportunity to support each other in this global pandemic period. “We have to put on our nose masks at all times. It is better than the heat in the grave” he said.

Tug of War (TOW) has 8 people in a team and each of them is assigned a specific role in a game situation. If one member slips or does not give his/her all, or does not support, does not trust the one in front or at the back of you, does not believe in the plan, fail to communicate or listen to the driver/coach/manager, teamwork goes out the door, panic strikes when you are under pressure and winning seems so far away.

Connect People to People ( wished fans and supporters of TOW a Happy International Tug of War Day and urged them to keep the pressure on and take small dedicates steps to succeed.

They sent a message that people should be resilient and get out of the COVID slump, and all African TOW federations must reconnect with the African TOW champs in Namibia since everybody’s support and commitment is needed to show the world Africa can do it.

“The impossible is nothing. Sport Development in TOW is not a nice to have, it is imperative to give our children hope to look forward” the message read.

Story by: Nana Prempeh

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