Medikal deceived me – Sister Derby reveals

Sister Derby has set the records straight after Sam George dragged her ex-boyfriend, Medikal, into their disagreement concerning the anti-gay bill.

Mr George’s reply to Sister Derby’s tweet tagging him as a perverted backward thinker has festered open wounds. Mr George dragged her ex-boyfriend, Medikal, into their sparring match and also roasted her music career.

Sister Derby, who is scandalised over the new direction of the digs, has penned an emotional query to the Member of Parliament for his uncalled-for reference. According to Mr George, he chose a personal punch because Sister Derby, calling him a perverted backward thinker, was a personal attack.

In his defence, he wrote: “When you throw peebles at me, expect rocks in return. She who sows a storm would certainly reap the whirlwind.”

In rebuttal, Sister Derby questioned his moral judgement and denied claims that she brought the abuse upon herself. She pointed out that her description was an excerpt from his (Sam George’s) tweet and nothing more.

She wrote: “What be Peebles? You mean pebbles? No one attacked you personally. I responded exactly to the contents of your tweet. You are constantly exposing your sexist nature and also acting childish. We have the lives of innocent people at stake, and you mock me for being deceived. An MP?!”



Derby could not explain how Medikal deceived her.

This could mean the songstress is not healed from her heartbreak after she and the ‘Omo Ada’ hit maker went their separate ways.


Medikal and Deborah Vanessa dated for close to two years, and she nursed the hope of getting married to him and starting a family.

However, Deborah’s dream was cut short when Fella Makafui came into the picture and snatched Medikal from her.

There were many speculations about why their love affair did not last, with many people citing their huge age difference as a reason.


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