Meek Mill reveals how African herb fixed his aching stomach of 2 years

American rapper, Meek Mill has revealed he’s finally been healed from a stomachache that has worried him for two years.

According to him, even though he can afford the best doctors, they couldn’t find a permanent solution to his problem.

Meek Mill revealed that, after battling with the stomachache for years, he’s finally found a cure for it; an African herb.

“My stomach been messed up almost 2 years I been to a bunch of doctors … I took a African herb and it fixed my stomach like magic!” he shared on Twitter.

Africa is home to an extensive and diverse medicinal plant life.

These plant – or herb-based treatments have been a key part of the continent’s traditional medicinal practices for thousands of years.

Up to 80% of people in some areas regularly use traditional medicines and consult traditional health practitioners. In some areas, traditional treatments are the main  or only treatment because they are accessible, affordable and culturally accepted.

Numerous traditional African medicines are undeniably beneficial in treating disease or maintaining good health. Some have even been the source of many prescription medicines.




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