Misplaced priorities led to #FixTheCountry demo – Tain MP

Member of Parliament for the Tain Constituency, Mr Adams Sulemana Ramzy, has backed calls by the youth in the country for the Akufo-Addo government to fix the economic problems.

But reacting to the agitations on Tonton Sansan on TV XYZ, the MP told host Kwame Minkah that the NPP government has lost touch with the people thereby leading to the agitations by the youth across the country.

The government introduced new taxes amid high fuel prices that have hiked the cost of some basic goods and services in the country.

Ramzy believes the government, which has been accused of borrowing excessively, needs to get its priorities right and tackle the joblessness, rising cost of living, and infrastructure gap in the country.

“All that they [the protesters] are saying is fix our roads, fix our education system, fix our health system, fix our energy problems, fix the perceived corruption,” said the freshman legislator who believes his party- the National Democratic Congress (NDC)- is better managers of the country than the Akufo-Addo government.

Touting the education achievement of the NDC government under former President John Mahama, he said their government transformed the education sector with projects that improved access to quality education.

“Under the Secondary Improvement Programme (SEIP), the NDC under John Mahama rehabilitated over 500 secondary schools and provided dormitories and other ancillary facilities to improve on the quality of the country’s education.”

Ramzy indicated the erstwhile government also commenced the Community Day Schools project to give rural dwellers access to secondary schools across the country.

“By the time we were leaving power, about 80 were nearing completion but this government has not continued the projects and that is why the Free SHS is facing teething challenges that have resulted in the double-track system,” argued the MP.

He said the government has failed to expand electricity access despite benefitting from huge loans over the past four years Akufo-Addo assumed office in 2017, stressing that the government has done about 2% of expansion after the NDC moved it from 54% to 84% in 2016.

He lamented the heightening cost of living and, adding “When the government gets its priorities wrong, the masses will rise up.”

The MP also accused the government of intolerance, saying the NDC government was tolerable and listened to the citizens’ cry although it could not have tackled all the challenges that were showcased.

“The people have missed the NDC because of our responsiveness, tolerance and the projects we embarked on,” he concluded.





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