Mobile Money Operators Demand Personal Insurance

The Mobile Money Agents Association of Ghana (MMAAG) are demanding an insurance package from telecommunication companies to insure them.

They say the business has become risky because of recent attacks and threats and they cannot continue to be left to their fate.

They noted that the upsurge of armed robbery attacks on merchants had put fear into majority of their 95,000 members across the country as there was no protection for their lives and operations. Executive members of the association said  that it is their wish to work deep into the night to enable the public have access to money during emergencies but the absence of an insurance policy to cover them was preventing most of the members from doing so.

They suggested that premiums for the insurance could be shared among the telecom operators and the mobile money agents, since the operators provided the system for the transactions while they provided the cash for the business.

The operators are also demanding details of their withholding tax certificates after the five per cent deductions for filing with the Ghana Revenue Authority.

Finally they want telcos not to take them for granted because agents are major stakeholders in the business.