Motorists Refuse To Pay Toll on Tema Motorway Over ‘Killer Potholes’

The number of motorists refusing to pay toll on the Tema motorway is escalating as more road users join the campaign to get the potholes fixed in order to stop avoidable accidents on the stretch.

Some visibly frustrated commuters who use the road daily refused to pay the mandatory toll because to them, the motorway is replete with countless “killer potholes” which also cause heavy traffic congestion at rush hours.

A hashtag campaign dubbed #FixPotholesOrNoToll and #PayNoTollChallenge was launched last week to draw the attention of authorities to the deadly situation.

Videos showing some drivers refusing to pay their tolls on the road have gone viral on various social media platforms, particularly on Facebook, escalating the positive defiance on the road.

Samuel Fahren Otoo, a chemist who started the campaign on Facebook told Kwame Minkah, host of ‘Ete Sen’ on Radio XYZ 93.1 his refusal to pay the toll was borne out of the frustrations he goes through on the road on daily basis.

Samuel, who has many video footages of the terrible road on his Facebook wall, believes “it does not make sense” to pay toll on a dilapidated toll road.

“Just as a Red Friday was introduced during former president Mahama’s tenure and protested wrongdoings, we will start same thing next Friday to raise awareness of the situation,” he said in the interview.

Many have joined the campaign to intensify the pressure on government to fix the road in order to save lives.

The Motorway Expansion Project

Government has announced the motorway will be expanded from the current four lanes to six lanes soon.

The project, which is expected to be completed within an expected 30-month period, is financed at a cost of $57 million by the Japanese government through the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

The project is under the West African Corridor Development Growth Ring (WAGRIC) Master Plan implementation, and carried out by Messrs Shimizu-Dai Nippon Joint Venture (SDJV), with CTI Engineering International Co. Ltd as consultants.

It is expected to address the perennial traffic congestion within the enclave when completed.

It is not clear whether the expansion project has delayed the rehabilitation of the highway.


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