Mrs is an optional title -Lawyer Frederick Asamoah

Lawyer Frederick Asamoah has asserted that Mrs is an optional title .

Speaking on “my lawyer my counselor” show on TVXYZ the lawyer revealed the title Mrs is not automatic. However, its a right the law gives to women to choose, but most often it’s better to choose it.

“It’s you the woman, you can choose to use the husbands name or not even if you do wedding you can choose to take your husbands name or not.
It’s not automatic it’s the right the law gives to you as a woman that you should choose to have it but most often Charley it’s better to choose it”


Mrs is used before a surname or full name to address or refer to a married woman without a higher or honorific or professional title.

“Mrs.” has been a title of respect for a married or widowed woman. As in the case of “Miss”, it appeared with names and characteristics. Sometimes the title included their partner’s first and last name, but this practice is becoming less common, as women want to be addressed by their own name.

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