Mugabe Maase receives Presidential Globe African Heroes Award

General Manager of Power 97.9 FM, Salifu Maase also known as Mugabe has been honoured with Presidential Globe African Heroes Award 2021.

The host of Inside Politics on Power FM was honoured with the ‘Influential and Authoritative Airwave Command Honours’ by the World Diplomatic Federation and  Rectitude International Mission (RIM) and World Diplomatic Federation (WODIF) Thursday night.

He was presented with a plague on the Gumbe show which he hosts on TV XYZ. The inscription on the plague reads “World Diplomatic Federation and Rectitude International Mission deem this day of the Presidential Globe African Heroes Honors 2021 as a great moment to recount on your media achievement since the inception of the 4th Republic of Ghana.”

Present in the studio of TV XYZ to honour the renowned broadcaster were Her Excellency Rina Yakuel Kerzner,
President Rectitude International Mission; His Meritorious Eminence Dr Christian Kwetey Kweitsu,  Chief Executive Chancellor World Diplomatic Federation and His Viscount Lord Isaac Rockson Superintendent General World Diplomatic Federation/Rectitude International Mission.

Mugabe who was elated for the recognition thanked Rectitude International Mission and World Diplomatic Federation for the honour done him and pledged to be the voice for the voiceless in his media journey.

Mugabe has won several awards both in Ghana and the UK, including RTP awards for his bravery and outstanding way of speaking truth to power.

In almost 2 decades of broadcasting, the vociferous broadcaster has earned the admiration of many Ghanaians whose voices are not heard.

He prides himself in fighting for the interest of the masses which is always noticed on his radio and television programmes.

Rectitude International Mission is a subsidiary organisation of the Bureau of Research on Governance Commerce and Administration (BORGCA) which is a research centre for governance, commerce, and administration-related issues.

RIM is the International Relations Unit of BORGCA, acting in all internationally related affairs as well as events/programs on behalf of all BORGCA’s subsidiary agencies.

The Bureau observes, monitors, and collates information on selected interests aimed at purposes of effectiveness/recognition and performance in its competitive analysis.

It was formed to give a new look and direction, focusing more closely on individual activities and the administrative performance of corporate institutions in African societies.



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