Music is now better than before – Rex Omar admits

Ace Ghanaian Highlife Musician and Board Chairman of the Ghana Music Right Organization (GHAMRO) Rex Omar has admitted that the current trends in the music industry have made it far better than what was experienced some years ago.

According to him, the coming of globalization has made the industry very lucrative and has also opened doors for those who get into it with business minds to make money.

“Because of globalization, there are open doors. If people approach it with a business mind, they can make money.” Rex Omar told Kastle FM in Cape Coast in an interview monitored by

Rex Omar however noted that the industry today has become capital-intensive and not based on good music advising that one must be ready to invest.

“It is also capital intensive so you cannot just get in and depend on good music. It doesn’t work now. You must have your requisite capital, marketing strategy, marketing plan, and everything, and if you have the know-how, you can succeed. So it is better than before but then it is also more capital intensive and you have to understand the business aspect,” he said.

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