My headmaster made me sign a bond for traveling to UK – Yaw Tog

Rapper Yaw Tog, who recently completed his Senior High School education at the Opoku Ware Senior High School in Kumasi has revealed that he was compelled to sign a bond of good behaviour by his headmaster a month to complete school.

Combining studies with a music career can be a challenge, right from the long hours spent in preparing for a performance and also being present in the classroom for academic work.

The award-winning rapper known for his hit single ‘Sore’ in October this year completed his West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE).

Recounting the circumstance that led to the bond signing in an interview with DJ Rueben on Luv FM he said the decision was taken after he left school for a musical performance in the United Kingdom.

“When I went to the UK and came back, the Ghana Party in a Park. I went to my headmaster to seek permission, I wrote a letter, did everything. When I came back, I was told to come and sign a bond.

“I think my headmaster felt I wasn’t coming to school… I am the type you will never see roaming. I am always in class, from there I hang out with my friends and then go home. At the time I signed it, I had a month to complete school…it wasn’t a big deal for me. That was what my headmaster was using to pressure me so when I signed it, I was cool. He didn’t call me… he was the one always searching for me, asking where Yaw Tog was,” he disclosed.

“As a Form 3 student, why will I be bothered about roll call?” the young rapper quipped.

Yaw Tog who is currently focusing on his music career is promoting the new single ‘Sei Mu’ which was released right after the completion of High School.

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