NALAG Officially Launch The Redesign Of Website

The National Association of Local Authorities of Ghana (NALAG) today at the NALAG House on the Gulf Street, Accra today [13th March, 2018] launched their official redesigning of their website.

The chairman of the event Hon. Kokro Amankwa, the General Secretary for NALA, in his opening statement said a “website represents the public face of a company or an organizational as well as a forum for interaction with members, partners, colleagues and our stakeholders.”

The said that their goal is to create an accurate depiction of NALAG that is not only direct and informative but engaging and inviting.

The website maintains the domain name and official email address is

The new website is now more effective and useful for the members of NALAG [MMDAs], where they can forward files to NALAG office without hassle.

Visitors who visit the website can now read and download all MMDAs profile which would enhance sister city relations for our members.

Features of the website

The redesign includes features like responsive designs and faster-loading pages, and allows for much more reader engagement with the content.

Readers will be able to make comment directly alongside contributing to articles on local
governance and decentralization.

The website would also feature profiles of District Assemblies and give access to social media platforms of the Association.

“With more prominent video and photography, the new features are highly immersive and enhance our readers’ ability to share and comment on articles,” Hon. Kokro Amankwa said.

The website has captured the Regions and all current assemblies and is currently being updated on an hourly basis to provide information on demand for its users.

Source: Ghana/myxyzonline/Joshua Adomako