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Nat. Cathedral: Akufo-Addo would’ve been impeached if we were in U.S – Haruna Attah

Ghana’s former Ambassador to Namibia, Alhaji Abdul-Rahman Haruna Attah has condemned President Nana Akufo-Addo for leading a crusade to build a national cathedral, saying such a move “is senseless.”

The government has come under fire after the Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta appealed to Ghanaians to donate GHS 100 to fund the building of the national cathedral during the presentation of the mid-year budget review.

Last week, the national Chief Imam donated GHS 50,000 to support the project, raising concerns over why a revered Muslim leader will donate to build a church for Christians.

However, speaking to Kwame Minkah on Tonton Sansan on TV XYZ Tuesday, Mr Haruna Attah wondered why President Akufo-Addo would use his office to drag Ghanaians into his private project whereas there are pressing needs his government needs to attend to.

Asked why he is not in support of the project that is being championed by several popular men of God, Haruna Attah, a veteran journalist said, “It is not sensible at all.”

“If we were in America and the president was championing this, they would have impeached him that same week… In Britain, his own party would have declared a vote of no confidence in him because of what he is doing with state power and state resources,” the former Editor of the Accra Daily Mail newspaper stated. “It is something that is totally opposed by the constitution.”

“This cathedral is totally useless,” he said while condemning the building of the national cathedral. To him, there are many faiths in the country therefore when the president is championing the building of the cathedral, he is discriminating against other faith-based organisations.

“Nana Addo is full of tricks…I am surprised and shocked that Ghanaians are taking this thing. He promised his God that he’ll build a cathedral for God when he wins an election, Kwame that is his personal pledge and he should not drag Ghanaians into it,” he argued.

He added, “Nana Addo has no right; absolutely no right to use our name-Ghanaians-a multi-faith country to come and set up a Christocentric edifice.”

Watch his interaction with Kwame Minkah this morning on Tonton Sansan here (41st minute): 


Abdul-Rahman has been writing articles about the national cathedral. In his latest article titled ” Akufo-Addo’s Cathedral: A desperate throw of the dice!”, he disagreed with the Chief Imam for the donation he made to support the project.

He ends in his post script: “After this sordid politico-religious melodrama involving a ¢50,000 “donation”: A Wish, A Hope, A Prayer: That our country would use her democracy and electoral process and freedom of worship wisely to allow the land to flourish for the benefit of all citizens”




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