NDC Cadre Front cautions against smear Campaign as aspirants lace boots

The United Cadres Front of Ghana (UCF), an umbrella group within the opposition NDC has cautioned aspirants vying for various positions at the Constituency, Regional and National levels against smear campaign.

It has also advised various groups within the party or individuals with interest to desist from personality attacks or actions through media publications that have the tendency of sewing divisions within the party during the forthcoming party elections.

UCF National Chairman, Com. Cdre Shine Gaveh who signed the statement observed that internal democracy is important in choosing right leaders from the flagbearer to the branch level positions by allowing individuals who are desirous to present themselves as candidates, provided they meet the Constitutional provisions both of Ghana and the Party.

The Cadres believe the upcoming elections at the Constituency, Regional, National and Flagbearer levels, therefore, will be guided by the popular maxim of enabling a level playing ground in the common interest of electing the best to help recapture power in 2024.



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