‘NDC will transform and de-politicise fisheries sector’ – Mahama

The pesidential candidate of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr John  Dramani Manama, has promised to transform and de-politicise the fisheries industry.

Addressing fisher folks at Ayakpor in the Ada Constituency on Tuesday at the  start of his five-day campaign tour of he Greater Accra Region, Mr Mahama  bemoaned the collapse of the fishing industry under the presidency of Nana
Akufo Addo.

He observed that the fishing industry has collapsed because the government has monopolised the distribution of premix fuel and subsidised outboard  motors for its members and supporters who function as middlemen and depriving other people access to these important resources.

“When the premix comes, they give to their party executives and they put their profit on top and sell it to the fishermen, and that is the problem with the NPP government and that is the problem with this administration. Everything is about their party, it means anybody else is not Ghanaian and it is only they who are entitled to the opportunities this country has to offer”, Mr Mahama said.

He was confident that the NDC will win the December 7, 2020 general elections to correct everything that has gone wrong within the fishing sector to create opportunity for all. He said, fishermen would be made to take ownership of the premix fuel and share among its members, as well as the subsidised outboard motors.

Mr Mahama has therefore entreated all to vote massively for him in the upcoming election to enable him create prosperity for all but not few, as being  witnessed under President Akufo Addo.


Source: Ghana|Office of the NDC flagbearer

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