‘New school’ gospel musicians focus on trends than their music – Noble Nketia insists

Legendary Gospel musician Noble Nketia insists that, the new school gospel artistes focus more on trends than their music.

According to Noble, they feel they just have to go with the flow. They sing because others are also singing.

“A lot of gospel musicians now, focus on trends. It’s  like others  are singing so let me also do same. They focus on trends . What do I have to do to also trend”, he revealed 


Speaking to the host of ‘Legends’ show Agyemang Prempeh on TV XYZ the ‘meteasi ye’ hit maker revealed  that, Gospel musicians should understand that they are different from the secular artistes.

’…But they have to understand that we are not secular artiste we are rather doing the work of God’, he added.

He further advised the new school to allow God to use them entirely if they want their songs to last forever.

‘Someone has given us a job to do, so whatever the person instructs us to do is what we have to do , not what we like. If we don’t give God the chance to direct us or use us entirely the songs we play won’t  last but if God is involve…’ Noble Nketia advised.

Comparing the new school gospel musicians to the veterans he said; ‘I have to be honest I love our time.  It doesn’t mean I don’t like the new school, comparatively those times I mean you were there, everyone .. any song that time… the unity and dedication and love was so strong’


Watch the video below;

By Afia Owusu/|Ghana


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