None of us is safe – Gifty Anti reacts to Ejura killings

Ace television personality Oheneyere Gifty Anti has expressed shock at the murder of a social activist, Ibrahim Mohammed, also known as Kaaka at Ejura which led to a bloody protest.

Two persons who were part of the protesters demanding justice for Kaaka’s family were shot dead by armed military and police joint taskforce Tuesday.

At least 6 of the protesters who sustained gun wounds are receiving treatment at various health facilities.

Reacting to the turn of events, Gifty Anti, a former news anchor at GTV said she fears for the future following the heightening intolerance among Ghanaians.

Calling for the police to redeem it’s image with a good investigations, she indicated that “none of us is safe, if one of us is not safe!!!”

Read Gifty Anti’s full post below:

I don’t know Kaaka!!
I never heard of him until last night when I saw Barker H Vogues and Bashiratu Kamal-Muslim’s posts on his death, then I went asking questions!!
This is bad and scary!!!

This must be investigated as fast as possible and the perpetrators punished.
1. This does not look good on the Ghana Police Service (and I am a police daughter, so the image of the police matters to me)….
2. It does not look good on government, the state and the country (and I am a proud Ghanaian and will always be irrespective of who is in power)….
3. And it is scary for all of us, especially those of us who believe in, champion and fight for one cause or another (which most of the time makes some people uncomfortable ).

We have become too intolerant!!!
We easily get angry and viiolent over things that in the long run, will benefit all of us!!!

Our anger is no more for ‘righteous causes’ but for selfish gains!!!

Yes, some of us suffered threats, insults, ridicule etc and still do sometimes for what we stand for…..but to kill someone?

Indeed, None of us is safe, if one of us is not safe!!!

May Kaaka Rest In Peace and May his death not be in vain!!



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