NPP is kicking against #FixTheCountry campaign because they’re insensitive – Fmr MP

Former MP for Mion Constituency, Hon. Mohammed Abdul Aziz has admonished the New Patriotic Party (NPP)  government appointees to pay attention to the concerns being raised by the youth behind the #FixTheCountry protest.

He said government officials must show respect to the citizens who are demanding that the promises made by the leaders of the country are fulfilled, rather than maligning and tagging them as propagandists of the opposition NDC.

‘The incumbent [government] putting all the economic problems on the opposition is a sign of weak leadership and must be seen that the government has failed woefully,” Aziz said.

Whilst reacting to the government on the Morning Update on TV XYZ, the former MP stated, “every reasonable and good thinking Ghanaian hearing the arrogant response of fix yourself campaign by the NPP Government officials will be worried.”

He further stated that the unfortunate response exhibits the level of cluelessness coupled with insensitivity of  the government.

“Indeed , there’s is over borrowing, abnormal taxes, misuse of public funds, unemployment, corruption including high party officials, Dumsor, High cost of living in the country and this is why the campaigners of #FixTheCountry are calling on the Government to fix [the country],” added Mr Aziz.

To him, the youth are angry because the government has borrowed do much than it’s predecessors but can’t point to any achievement attained in the last four years.



“Prior to 2016 elections, Vice President Bawumia lambasted the NDC government that borrowing to steer the affairs of the country was a lazy man’s approach.In the same vain Ursula owusu [now Communication Minister] also said if running a country was all about borrowing then her 19 year old son could be president but this is a Government that has borrowed more than any government,” he argued.

Aziz praised former president John Mahama for the developmental projects he undertook such as E-blocks, Hospitals, CHP compounds, access to portal water and stable electricity before leaving power..

He concluded by saying  the NPP government has borrowed a lot but cannot point to any developmental project.



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