NPP will kill Martin Amidu like they killed J.B. Danquah – Kevin Taylor

Ghanaian political activist and strongly opinionated figure based in the U.S. Kevin Ekow Taylor has laced the ongoing Martin Amidu brouhaha into his speech.

A damning accusation against the ruling NPP government has been leveled by a no-nonsense political commentator.

Kevin has stated that some people in the NPP would appoint some notorious assailants to end the life of Martin Amidu just as they did to JB Danquah & Ahmed Suale, without fear of the repercussions and problem that the words from his diarrhea mouth could land him in.

They’re going to kill Martin Amidu the same way JB Danquah and Ahmed Suale were killed, and believe me that they’re going to use the same FOSU BILL GATES to do the job because it’s their killing machine.

It is clear that he is referring to the NPP, although he did not mention the name of the party because he had accused the NPP of killing JB Dankwa and Ahmed Suale prior to this post and creation.

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