Number One On The Run

The saying ‘’He who fights and runs away, may live to fight another day”.
That is the situation we witnessed at the Mc Dan La Town Park as Nii Adjei Ago of La comes face to face with Nii Carl Lokko of Osu in much contested boxing bout organised by Silver Black Promotions

In an atmosphere charged with over thousands of fans and officials awaiting the final bout. The arrival of both set of boxers
was in a grand style which drew more attention and demonstrated their preparedness for the bout.

The ring announcer made the call for the two boxers to be present on the canvas for the bout to begin. Osu Lion made a gallant entry into the ring. To the surprise of the fans and officials, Number One and his team took to the wheels of their convoy and sped off the venue leaving behind Osu Lion and his team with the officials and over thousands of boxing fans at the Mc Dan La Town Park.

Out of frustration the officials called off the fight. The boxing fans were all disappointed as they rain insult on Number One and his team.

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