Offering ABE courses makes you globally competitive – Director urges Ghanaians

Ghanaian students have been urged to take up the  Association of Business Executives (ABE-UK) courses to be competitive on the global market.

Mrs. Kareesa Carringto-Nnunez, the  Director of ABE for Africa and Caribbeans said ABE qualifications have opened many doors for millions of people across the globe, advising Ghanaians to take advantage of their partnership with the Pentecost University, Ghana to be trained in some of the ABE courses recognised globally.

The Association of Business Executives,(ABE-UK) offers professional Diplomas in Business Management, Human Resources (HR), and Marketing worldwide.

These qualifications, Carringto-Nunez, explained,  are designed to give graduates the most dynamic and up-to-date skill set on the job market.

“ABE has been delivering qualifications for the past 50 years,” she told Pomaah Kyekyeku on Accra-based TV XYZ as part of her tour to the West African country.

She also noted that persons who failed mathematics and English at the secondary education level can rely on ABE qualification to enroll in the university once they can read, write and understand.

“It [ABE qualification] is what actually employers are looking for,” she stated “ABE qualification is about empowerment,” adding that “we are open [and] we are accessible.”

To her, thousands of Africans have been denied the chance to pursue university education due to their inability to pass maths and English, stressing that ABE is the surest way one can rely on to experience career progression in a flexible manner.

Wondering why someone will go through the “bureaucracies” in the universities to get a degree while there is a reliable alternative in ABE for Ghanaians who want to “get British qualifications locally” in an affordable and flexible way to empower.

She further indicated that an ABE student can use the certificate to move directly into a degree programme “or catapult them into a masters level” and since the ABE qualifications are actually what employers are looking for worldwide, she could only encourage young people to focus on such courses.

Madam Carringto-Nunez also explained why ABE chose the Pentecost University in Ghana for the project that is helping Ghanaians in career advancement.

“They [Pentecost University] is a quality provider,” she said and added that the environment and calibre of lecturers are up to standard.

To her, The School has annually continued to provide numerous students who perform excellently in the course over the years, the reason she decided to come to Ghana to familiarise herself with the institution.

To her and other holders of ABE certificates, the course offers lots of possibilities.


By Henryson Okrah||Ghana

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