Okudzeto Ablakwa demands answers to seven critical questions to National Cathederal Board of Trustees

He writes………

It’s great to observe the spirited media advocacy by some members of the National Cathedral Board of Trustees.

Respectfully, as trustees of the Ghanaian people providing leadership and authorizing massive expenditure from our taxes (so far in excess of GHS339million); can they kindly respond to the following during their media engagements:

1) Why did they accept an expired driving license from Rev. Victor Kusi Boateng as his supporting ID for the incorporation of the National Cathedral of Ghana? It is significant to note that by the time the National Cathedral of Ghana was being incorporated on 18th July, 2019; Rev. Kusi Boateng’s driving license which he submitted had long expired since 06/04/2016.
If the Board and the Secretariat had done basic due diligence as I have done, they would have discovered that Rev. Victor Kusi Boateng has refused to renew his driving license since 2016 and indeed has not had a valid driving license either as Victor Kusi Boateng or Kwabena Adu Gyamfi since 2016.
It’s most bizarre that the Board and its Secretariat placed more value on Rev. Kusi Boateng/Adu Gyamfi’s expired driving license than on the unexpired documents of Bishop Dag Heward-Mills which they failed to submit to the Registrar General for incorporation.

2) Why is the Board of Trustees flagrantly and violently violating Article 174 (2) of the Ghanaian Constitution by granting all companies working on the Cathedral project tax waivers when only the Parliament of Ghana has that power under the Constitution.
So far, unconstitutional tax waivers granted Ribade JV, Adjaye and Associates, Nehemiah Group and others exceed a mind-boggling US$150million (GHS1.8billion). Media interviews notwithstanding, they should be preparing answers for Parliament when the House resumes.

3) Why did the Board of Trustees illegally sideline the Public Procurement Authority as the latter confirmed in my July 4, 2022 Right to Information request? Why did they also illegally avoid the Central Tender Review Committee?

4) Why did the Board of Trustees overlook the crucial provision in its Letter of Award to Ribade JV dated 30th July, 2021 for the submission of a valid advance payment guarantee?
It is most instructive to note that no guarantees have been provided almost 2 years later.

5) What were the considerations for the Board of Trustees in opting for the most expensive proposal from Ribade JV which was 24.60% above its budget as earlier advised by experts?
If tax waivers, other exclusions, demolishings, relocation costs, variations, professional fees, extension of time claims and cost implications, standing time claims, abortive and re-works costs due to main contractor suspension (10-month suspension so far), museum displays and fit out, and compensation are all factored, the President Akufo-Addo cathedral project will cost the Ghanaian taxpayer at least US$1billion. From US$100million to US$1billion—how do they justify this monumental recklessness?

6) What’s the explanation for spending only US$22million out of the US$58million (GHS339million) of taxpayer funds unconstitutionally withdrawn for actual construction? Why have contractors abandoned site for lack of payment since March 14, 2022? Why do they have only a galamsey pit to show for US$58million?

7) Since there was no board resolution and recourse to Ghana’s procurement laws — from my impeccable checks, who’s idea was it to dish out a whopping GHS28.2million of our taxes to the shonky American CEO of the Nehemiah Group for so-called coordination, and when exactly is the board retrieving our money?

These are the germane matters the Board of Trustees must be speaking to in addition to their doubtful assurances that the controversial cathedral would be built.
Ghanaians deserve and demand full accountability.

Ghana First

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