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Opinion: Until Akufo Addo Receives Mahama’s Congratulatory Call, It’s Still A Contentious Result

Unlike 2016, this year’s election has been characterized by serious allegations and accusations most of which have the potency to sever the relationship between the President and his main contender, John Dramani Mahama.

So much intemperate language coming from the support base of both political divide and a little arguably, spewed by John Mahama himself.

It’s more than six hours last the hour the Chairperson for the Electoral Commission of Ghana, Jean Mensah declared the results of the 2020 elections, and thus named Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo as the winner of the Presidential polls. The margins were quite close and falls short of what the President had in 2016 when he was in opposition.

In all these hours, it was expected that John Mahama has once again been defeated, would call to congratulate his President for his victory, as he did in 2016. Apparently, his congratulatory message was delivered in time, putting to rest the fears some Ghanaians had that he might not concede defeat.

As tradition demands, the ‘loser’ of the elections has to at least call on the winner to congratulate him or her. So far, Akua Donkor of the Ghana Freedom Party, Dr. Herbert Henry Lartey of the Great Consolidated Popular Party (GCPP), Kofi Akpaloo of the Liberty Party of Ghana, and two others have all called on the President to concede defeat and congratulate him on his success.

But of the remainder, John Mahama’s is the most anticipated one. Already, as expressed that night, the former President and his National Democratic Congress (NDC), signaled that they won’t accept any results of a rigged election. They have threatened to challenge the outcome, especially that of some constituencies including Sefwi Wiawso, Tarkwa Nsuaem, and others.

Could the seeming delay to congratulate Nana Akufo-Addo be an indication of the contemplated challenge of the results on the part of John Mahama?

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