Otabil, Prof Martey are shameless hypocrites – Yamin fires

Former Deputy Ashanti Regional Minister, Joseph Yamin has descended on some pastors who were very critical of the previous government but have gone quiet under the Akufo-Addo-led government.

Yamin argues that there have been many ills in the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government yet some men of God such as the founder of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), Pastor Mensah Otabil, and the former moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Professor Emmanuel Martey.

He said Prof Martey, who openly criticised the Mahama-led administration, has suddenly gone quiet under the leadership of President Akufo-Addo while the government keeps disappointing citizens with its policies.

Yamin who was speaking on Dwaboase on Power FM said the Mahama administration does not come close to the recklessness of the Akufo-Addo government but Pastor Otabil who always had something bad to say about the Mahama administration on his pulpit.

As a fierce critic of the NDC administration, he said Otabil had Bible verses to support his criticisms of the Mahama government but has gone silent under Akufo-Addo.

“Today, upon the ills happening in the country under this government, Otabbil has not seen any Bible verse to preach against this government,” Yamin said while reacting to the Ejura shooting incident.

He said the military and police under the Akufo-Addo have become reckless and trigger-happy for a long time, heightening insecurity in the country but the voices of conscience have decided to remain silent.

Rt. Rev. Prof Emmanuel Martey, former Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana.

“Why should he [Otabil] be quiet? The people that relied on his sermons to take decisions are still watching them. Is he not ashamed for going quiet?” he added.

Reacting to the escalating cost of living and the frequent fuel hikes, Yamin noted that the pastors who were loud have become quiet because their favorite party is in power, arguing that if it was not so, Prof. Martey and Otabil would call out the government as is expected of them.

“Why can’t the Otabils and the Prof Marteys find a verse in the Bible to preach against the ills of this government? he quizzed and added, “Meanwhile they are preaching every day.”

He continued, “if they don’t know, I am telling them that people are laughing at them because the government has collapsed and they are quiet while the people suffer.”



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