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Our intelligence suggests EC wants to call NPP winner at all cost

The flagbearer of the opposition NDC John Dramani Mahama says that his party is picking up intelligence that the Electoral Commission (EC) is planning to declare the NPP as winners early.

He said this in an interview with Comrade Kwasi Pratt on TV XYZ today.

He said this on the account that the EC has declared to announce the results of the elections in 24 hours. He said it’s a deliberate plan by the EC to declare the NPP a winner. Then after that, they will tell the NDC to go to court if they are not pleased with the results.

According to the former president, the EC is up to a lot of schemes. These he believes will be detrimental to the free and fair election.

He said that there is intelligence that the NPP has brought some IT specialists from Australia to help them hack the EC system as they did in 2016 when they brought people from Israel.

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