Political violence not good for Ghana’s progress – NPP’s Yaw Preko preaches

A Deputy communications director of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Yaw Preko has made a stong case for political actors to eschew violence  in their political activities.

The NPP man said political violence had the tendency to slow the progress of every country, saying the manner in which Ghana is progressing demands that leaders of various political parties urge their members to adopt legal means to seek redress at all times.

Preko’s call comes after Minority leader Haruna Iddrisu expressed his disappointment at President Nana Akufo-Addo for failing to address the violence that characterised the 2020 polls at some parts of the country.

At least 4 persons died  whilst 8 got injured after some members of the NDC were shot inTechiaman South and Ablekuma Central constituencies — a reason the members of the opposition NDC wanted Akufo-Addo to use the national platform to address the matter despite the Criminal Investigations Department’s (CID) assurance that it is still conducting investigations to unravel persons behind the shooting.

But reacting to the Minority on the Morning Update on TV XYZ, Yaw Preko indicated that it was not necessary for the matter to be tackled on that national platform when elections were over and the outcome announced.

“If you want him [the president] to talk about specifics like things that happened in Techiman [during the elections], somebody elsewhere may also want him to talk about something that happened in proabaly Assin Fosu or something that happened in Asante Akyem North or something that happened in Akatsi,” he argued.

Preko said the president gave an overall assessment, and an overall view of what happens in the country but that did not mean he would single out specifics and address them one after the other because “everybody somewhere within the country may have something he or she expect the president to talk about” and added ” And you can’t have him touching on everything at the same time. ”

Techiman and Ablekuma Elections Violence

When host Eric Ahinayo asked if the president was choosing what was of interest to him to address on national platforms, Preko denied and said he had the nation at heart and would pusrue the country’s dvelopment agenda.

On his part, the president could not have spoken about the election violence merely because NDC members were affected and further called for the country to heed to the call of Nana Akufo-Addo and unite.

“If we want to go into these specifics people may start talking waht happened in the past and had not been addressed…these are things you wouldn’t want to encourage,” Preko urged.

He continued, “If people decide to take the laws into their own hands to do things that are untoward, being it NPP  members or NDC members or whichever political party, you allow the laws to work. You don’t try to impose your emotions  or force your expectations on the president or compell him to say things you want to hear because it probably happened to your political party.”

“Now you want us to go back to things that happened in the elections?” he quizzed and said that was not necessary and urged that the country be united because opting for violence was never an option for the country.

Campaign Against Violence

Preko said his comment on the issue was not in anyway to condone political violence.

“I never endorse political violence; I never in my life want to be associated in any way to political violence,” he said whilst explaining that political power has never lied in the hands of one political party, and for that matter when he endorses violence, his opponent will definitely retaliate and the results will retrogress the country when power change hands.

“I condemn what happened in Techiman; I in no way endorse it. Never! but I think it is something we can put behind us and encourage people to see elections as a contest of ideas and not the contest of weapons and maiming and destructions. No, no, no.”

“What happened in Techiman is condemnable just as what happened in Cherepone is condemnable, just as what happened in Talensi is condmenable, ust as what happened in Acherensua is condemnable, ust as what happened in Amenfi West is condmenable, Just as what happened in Atiwa is condmenable… Lets not encourage people to think that we must always use thuggery, force to get what we think is rightfully ours.”

Preko went on to encourage members of various political parties to use legitimate means to address electoral disputes and rather shy away from barbarity before, during and after elections.


By Henryson Okrah|


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