Properties on Sir John’s will portrays NPP as a property owning party – B.O.T

Youth activist Bernard Oduro Takyi (B.O.T) has urged Ghanaians to consider the ruling NPP as a party that shares among its leaders the resources of the Ghanaian people.

Describing the NPP, which he was once a member of, as a corruption infested party, the entrepreneur explained that without owning a lot of properties one who wants to be part of its leadership is sidelined.

Lamenting the country’s checks and balances on Dwaboase on TV XYZ Wednesday morning, Oduro Takyi decried the tall list of properties the late CEO of the Forestry Commission left behind for his relatives and loved ones.

The will of Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie also known as Sir John which has some state lands including portions of the Achimota Forest Reserve bequeathed to some of his family members has sparked public outcry over the past week.

Sir John died in 2020

B.O.T believes the acquisition of such wealth has exposed the NPP’s corrupt nature and makes useless of the much touted government’s graft fight under President Nana Akufo-Addo.

“We have one Ghana but one party [the NPP] is a property-owning democracy. When they come to power and you don’t have property, then you can’t be part of them,” he contended.

“If you don’t have properties, you don’t qualify to be with them, per their standards,” he added.

To him, “the other party, the NDC is a social democracy that factors the plights of the ordinary Ghanaian and not a selected few.”

The politicians claim seems to have been corroborated by the findings of the Fourth Estate that states its checks show that the late Sir John, a former general secretary of the NDC, did not declare his assets before occupying the public office.



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