Punishment for LGBTQ is death – Sheikh

General secretary for Ahlussunna – Wal-Jama’a Sheikh Yacoub Shuaib Abban, has warned that, the punishment for LGBTQ is death.

According to Sheikh the Quran is against it and hence anyone who practice it should be killed.

Speaking in an interview on “My Lawyer My Counselor” show hosted by Dakyehene Ofosu Agyeman he said LGBTQ is a kind of dirt that wants to affect Ghanaians.

Nevertheless it saddens him that some leaders are in support of it.

“LGBTQ+ is a kind of dirt that wants to affect we Ghanaians and the most painful aspect is that the leaders who have learnt about animals are also behaving like them and have allowed all this things to go on, they don’t ask themselves that if what they are promoting was supposed to be there , would they have been born, so anyone who practice LGBTQ+ in Islam is being kill because it will affect others  if he is not being killed’’ he stressed.


Ghana’s parliament began considering a bill that would criminalise homosexuality and make advocating for LGBT people a crime.

Human rights activists have sounded the alarm at plans to prosecute the LGBT community in a country already experiencing a wave of homophobia.


By Afia Owusu/|Ghana

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